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How to Practically Navigate and Master Your Dreamscape

A practical guide for those who are ready to awaken to a more comprehensive understanding of their dream experiences.

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Explore tools and techniques to practically navigate our daily lives

Rooted in a platform of love, we believe that resilience and skills development allows us to branch out and raise our collective vibration, wellness, and future.

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AWAKE: How to Practically Navigate and Master Your Dreamscape

This workshop is designed as a practical guide for those who are ready to awaken to a more comprehensive understanding of their dream experiences.

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Divine By Design:

Collaborative innovations for resilience and wellness

Collaborative innovations for resilience and wellness in our communities.

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A robust collection of resources to nurture your growth

Uplifting one another in conversation and shared passion for a better life for ourselves, our families and our communities

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Human beings prefer the kind of love in which they bind and are bound by each other. Once we learn to love in ways that set each other free, our spiritual journey begins.


Guru Bhaneshwaranad

To attract better you have to do better. You can’t do the same things and expect change. Transform your mindset. Upgrade your habits.



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A Passion for Wellness:

supporting communities that love, learn, grow, and thrive.

Committed to supporting resilient communities that love, learn, grow, and thrive.

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Creating space and opportunities for wellbeing

The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires - Rumi

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The cost of lucidity

For many a sudden boost in lucidity is the end goal. It’s a noble enough notion, wanting to bring a certain level of awareness into your present and by extension develop some level of control and self determination. However, problems arise when you begin to experience a level of lucidity but have yet to establish habits that allow you to move through your days to day with an air of authenticity.


A Prayer for Sanity

As we navigate this ongoing pandemic, many of us are witnessing the unearthing of institutional inequalities, pitfalls in social justice, and the stark uncovering of our own pre-existing prejudices. We’re also learning that uncovering or even acknowledging these issues can come as a painful gut check, especially when the call for personal evaluation and growth comes from the most unexpected people and places.


A Solstice Song

Sometimes the most profound moments of connection and peace are found at the eye of the storm. Divine by Design COO, Sahlah Dubel, shares how she was able to turn a time of turbulence and turmoil into an opportunity to attune with the song of an ever-changing and ever- vibrating universe and reconnect with her ancestral centerpoint.



Many of us are facing the same cross-roads in our professional development and beginning to redefine what we need for happiness, health, and wellness. What if the trajectory of our career were not dictated by our next title, promotion, or pay-raise? How can we come to a place of finding a job that is part of a lifestyle that nourishes our development as a human being as well as our development as an employee? The answer sometimes lies in the journey, especially when the destination seems hidden in the horizon before us. Divine by Design co-founder, Sahlah Dubel shares the story of how a moment lost in the professional trenches helped her cultivate the skills she needed to win the career war.



For community-conscious entities, initiatives and people.

Every service offered by Divine By Design is inspired by the idea that true wellness begins with a foundation of love, so that we can learn the skills we need to grow as individuals who inevitably help to create families, communities, and a society which thrives.




You only need to love yourself enough to believe you have a right to thrive, not only survive and succeed. Anything is possible when you believe and begin from a place of love.


 Our desires need to be matched with actions to build our knowledge, skills, and inevitably wisdom. 


Move through your challenges to apply what you’ve learned and build what you’ve dreamed.


Look closely at the present you are constructing; It should look like the future you are dreaming. - Alice Walker

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