Committed to building resilient communities that love, learn, grow, and thrive

We find inspiration in lessons from cities like Detroit that have carved out vibrant agricultural hubs and shifted the notion of what it means to grow, work, and eat from reclaimed industrial space. This opens up pathways to reclaim and transform ideas of what health and justice can mean towards building resilience in our own backyards.
However, many individuals do not have the training, tools, skills, or even belief needed to actualize such a brave new paradigm. The call to shift to remote work assumes that you have the versatility and tools to facilitate this shift. For those operating paycheck to paycheck, or for whom alternative routes of income are unavailable, this may also mean turning to support from a social system that only offers solutions that are transitory, at best.

Divine by Design offers a robust suite of services to individuals seeking innovative learning and collaborative business ventures with the goal to catalyze the journey of people and communities towards a state of financial, physical, and mental well-being.

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Because you deserve it, and your worth it.

Every service offered by Divine By Design is inspired by the idea that true wellness begins with a foundation of love, so that we can learn the skills we need to grow as individuals who inevitably help to create families, communities, and a society which thrives. Each platform includes services which share common characteristics with at least one of the eight major dimensions of wellness as defined by SAMSHA.


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No longer victims to the tide.


Services within this platform typically focus on supporting emotional and spiritual wellness.

We believe that every human is designed with love at our center. And love is the divine spark from which all other movements and spiritual fires begin. Until we feel it within ourselves we are constantly seeking it elsewhere. But all journeys begin with you. Believe you have a right to your dreams. Your gifts. Your happiness. And that you need to purchase nothing to achieve these things. You only need to love yourself enough to believe you have a right to thrive, not only survive and succeed. Anything is possible when you believe and begin from a place of love.


Services within this platform focus on supporting intellectual and occupational wellbeing.

Once we are rooted in love, we begin to believe we have the right to health and happiness. However, our desire for these ideals is not enough. Our desires need to be matched with actions to build our knowledge, skills, and inevitably wisdom.


Services within this platform focus on supporting financial and physical wellbeing.

Now that your foundation and pillars are set it’s time to grow into what you already are. Move through your challenges to apply what you’ve learned and build what you’ve dreamed. Rethink your social and community paradigms and consider how to break the chains of what binds you. 


Services within this platform focus on supporting social and environmental wellbeing.

Look closely at the present you are constructing; It should look like the future you are dreaming. - Alice Walker

Download full PDF of our suite of services!

Human beings prefer the kind of love I which they bind and are bound by each other. Once we learn to love in ways that set each other free, our spiritual journey begins.


Guru Bhaneshwaranand

Toattract better you have to do better. You can’t do the same things and expect change.Transform your mindset. Upgrade your habits.



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