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Joining Forces with IFUNDWOMEN of color


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Divine by Design heads to Arizona!

the 39th annual international dream conference


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Opening Sacred spaces and other online communities


Divine By Design Launches our first crowd funding campaign!

Divine By Design has just launched our first crowdfunding campaign through the IFUND Women of Color fundraising portal. We ask that you join us.

Make a donation through the IFUND Women of Color fundraiser portal. Become part of the efforts we are making to continue supporting dreamwork and its impact on spiritual and emotional health.

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2022 DSGP Dreams and Ethnicity Series

There aren’t many opportunities for people of historically marginalized groups to chart a clear path toward the future. At Divine by Design, we acknowledge the need to push back against these dated socioeconomic norms and find constructive ways to help integrate the traditional Eurocentric Practices of psychotherapy and dream work. We are taking great strides to find the best ways to contribute to the conversation.

With the rise in awareness, social activism, and women’s representation the time seems right for Divine by Design to reach out to the larger dreaming community, strengthen bonds, and collaborate in new and exciting ways.

In 2022 two of our founding members have registered in the Dreams and Ethnicity study group series hosted and created by The International Association for the Study of Dreams. Our goal is to learn, share experiences, and connect with other dreamers ready to take on the struggle for equity and inclusivity.


Divine by Design is heading to Arizona!

Community is everything and in order to connect with the broader community of dreaming professionals several Divine by Design members are moving mountains in hopes of joining the 39th Annual International Dream Conference in Tucson Arizona, July 17 – 21. Not only is it an amazing opportunity to connect professionally but we will also lend to the rising wave of Black voices and experiences in the field of New Aged healing practices


Joining Forces with IFUNDWOMEN of color

Divine By Design was accepted into the IFUNDWomen of Color Professional Start-Up Community. The award included access to mentorship, coaching, funding opportunities, and a diverse network of women entrepreneurs walking a similar pathway to realizing their professional dreams.

Our intention is to continue
building partnerships in the space while continuing to expand our programs within targeted communities


Opening Sacred spaces and other online communities

We share a common belief that space is not safe and sacred by simply stating that it is. In fact, to say "This is a safe, sacred space" rarely succeeds in having those gathered suddenly drop their reservations. That's because we know the truth in our hearts. The truth is that safe space only becomes so through time, trust, and actions. Through our declaration, we set our intention for what we hope to build and set the stage for what behaviors we expect from those who choose to participate. It is in the spirit of this truth that we're pleased to announce Sacred Spaces by Divine By Design.

Sacred Spaces is an online forum launched to help create communities of practice and thought around the topics that resonate most within our hearts and our communities. By establishing this virtual space, we take the first steps in our journey to making it both safe and sacred.


Dream journal with Kathrine Bell

We believe that every human is designed with love at our center. And love is the divine spark from which all other movements and spiritual fires begin. Until we feel it within ourselves we are constantly seeking it elsewhere. But all journeys begin with you. Believe you have a right to your dreams. Your gifts. Your happiness. And that you need to purchase nothing to achieve these things. You only need to love yourself enough to believe you have a right to thrive, not only survive and succeed. Anything is possible when you believe and begin from a place of love.

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Devoid of honey I CAN taste the character in the leaves. But when it sits for too long, IT BECOMES cold and bitter.



Will this be enough? Will I fall apart? You will not allowme to succumb. So I must remain; a slave to your will.




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