AWAKE: How to Practically Navigate and Master Your Dreamscape


This workshop is designed as a practical guide for those who are ready to awaken to a more comprehensive understanding of their dream experiences. During this workshop we will create a judgement free space to share the personal journey(s) of lucid dreamers. We will also work together to explore tools and techniques which can be used to practically navigate dreamscapes and manage integration of dreamed experiences into our daily lives. We will partner this knowledge with a robust collection of exercises and principles so that you too can begin the journey to Master Your Dreamscape and Experiences.

Summary of course value:

1. Participants become AWAKE (i.e. able to practically navigate their dreamscape experiences). Awake -becoming more aware of how we are affected in the conscious and subconscious levels by the world and environment around us.

A shift in dream lucidity. This can mean increased lucidity for people who choose to dive into the work, or it can also mean less dream recall for those that are seeking to mute overwhelming dream energy or nightmares. What will be important is that the participants will have a sense that they can influence and/or control their experiences which is why we use the term ‘Master’.

Increased knowledge of dreamscape mechanics, common nomenclature, less fear and anxiety navigating the subconscious mind. Basic understanding of the sleep cycles/practices. Empowerment and understanding of one’s own dream rhythms. We provide this through sharing tools and practices that create a sense of empowerment.

Breathing techniques

 Sleep preparation

Recording and journaling

 Developing a library of relevant symbols

lucidity boosting/ muting technique

2. Time - approximately 6 hours per week over 6 weeks: total of 36-40 hour commitment from students:

Course meets 4 hours (2 sessions; 2 hours each) per week for online workshop, discussion and sharing.

Anticipate at least 1-2 hours of study work/assignments/exercises each week

3. Access to subject matter experts in:

Mental/Social health

Herbal medicine



Meditation - modern and traditional techniques

Fireside Chat:

Thur, March 11th at 12pmET/ 9am PT

Tues, March 16th at 7pmET/4pmPT

Sat, March 20th at 12pmET / 9amPT

Workshop Dates: April 6th through May 14th

Session One: Tues - 6pm to 8pm ET

Session Two: Fri- 6pm to 8pm ET


Sahlah Dubel ; Andrusa Lawson


Hours: By appointment

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